Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look Your Best!

Q: I look terrible in this picture!  How can I get rid of these bags under my eyes?
A: Photoshop.

Or, if you're on a budget and have an iThing, there's a little app called "Facetune" that's been getting good reviews.  Alas, I'm an android girl.

Facetune says it can change the shape, tone, and texture of your face as well as whiten eyes, smooth wrinkles, and make blemishes vanish.  It sounds like the type of tool I'd love to play with.  It costs a few shekels, but since I'd also have to get an iThing, it's out of my price range.

If anyone's used it, I'd love to know how it worked for you.  Before/after pics would be welcome as well.


  1. I strongly recommend the soft-focus feature on any image editing software as's the modern digital equivalent of the old Hollywood trick of smearing Vaseline on the lens!

  2. Ooh! Cheating!
    But then one has to dream - and who said the camera never lies? They clearly hadn't tried using one!

  3. If you're on a budget and want full featured software comparable to Photoshop, but legitimately free, get the open source software "Gimp" (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). It's what I use. :-)


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