Friday, March 21, 2014

Shoot the Moom

I know, I'm obsessing about hair removal.  I picked up some Moom sugaring product.  It's kind of a not-hot wax.  That mean it avoids the heat and just leaves the mess and pain.

I decided to try this because (a) it's a bit different from what I've tried before (b) it claims to be organic and I thought it would be good to try a 'green" product on St Pat's day and (c) it said "nearly pain-free" method of hair removal.

HA! to the last one.  I suspect if you use it on either a hair-free portion of your person, or on another person, it would be pain-free.  On your own personal body, with your own personal hair....  That's another story.

I didn't see much difference between Moom and other waxing products in any measurable way.

I'm not sure what my way forward is with regard to hair removal.

I have heard of one product that makes hair softer and thinner and it actually changes the pattern of growth, but I'm not interested in female hormones.

Oh....  One reader asked about the "No-no" hair removal system (laser-ish).  I've checked several reviews and they basically agree: "No" to the "No-no."

Non-t content: it was reported that the computer on Malaysia flight 370 initiated a u-turn.  They became suspicious when they heard one of the last radio transmissions.  A flat voice said "Beijing?  I'm afraid I can't allow that, Dave."


  1. i get my moom tuesday; i'll try it on a small area of skin. if nothing else i will invest in the razor business because that's the only option left to me at the moment. the horrible thing about that is i can't shave but once a week because the stubble doesn't shave that easy with me. the last time i tried.......well let's say it didn't go too well.

    i prefer " australia, max. COMPLIANCE." :)

  2. Hello Hal.
    2001 seemed a long way into the future when we were enjoying the graphics in the early 1970 as a stoner movie.

  3. . . . . and the pod bay door wouldn't open, either.

    But not to worry. The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th. There's no chance the machines will become self aware.



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