Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple Pleasure: Two Outfits

(minor cock-up yesterday and I had the wrong time for my post.... But it's there!)

One thing I don't think my male self has ever done (or would ever do) is bring a different outfit so I could change between events.

I think the average male would pick something between events (dressy/casual) or jut go with casual.

Last weekend, we started with game day and then went to a show.  Normally, as Meg, I would have overdressed for the former and blended at the latter.

Instead, I wore a long, casual dress to game day and a nicer dress for evening.  If I thought about it, I would have packed my pumps as well and worn lower-heel shoes for game day.

I can tell I still need to learn to think.  And I think I need to study Stanislavski to learn how to immerse myself in my alias.  I'm pretty sure I have a copy of An Actor's Handbook somewhere around the apartment.

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