Thursday, March 13, 2014

Full Day

Ack!  Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday this month!

Winter took a little break on Saturday; temperatures went up to the 50s after the threat of ice and freezing rain the day before.

I had chosen several dresses for the show.  I was planning on just overdressing for the games, but instead I brought a dress to change into and wore a more casual one.  You may recall, one time, one of the guys looked at my long (casual) dress and said said "we're more casual here."

Saturday, I had to mail a box of slides that I wanted converted to digital form.  I also invited to a t-friendly game day, and I had tickets to Orlando in the evening.  The plan was:
  • Get Meg ready by 11:30
  • Go to the post office at 11:30
  • Play games at noon
  • Change into something nicer around 5:15
  • Get dinner around 5:30
  • Go to the show around 6:30
We were running late so I had to skip the post office.  As it is, we were supposed to get to the house for games at noon and I left my apartment after that.

Walking from the car to the door I saw a woman pull out of her garage across the street.  She rolled down her window and called out "sharp coat!"  After figuring out that she was actually talking to me I smiled and called back my thanks.

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