Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Was at the Game Night

During the evening, our host came over with his iPad and said "are there any Dr Who fans here?"  Charity and I both admitted to being such and he showed us two pictures of the eleven actors who played the doctor.

First, there was this picture of them in their "Dr Who" guise:

And then there was this picture of them in other roles:

He said that he didn't know who they were portraying, commented specifically on #3 (I forget who he thought he was portraying; maybe Worzel Gummidge) and mentioned that "two were crossdressed."  I did not say "good for them" or "all the smart guys do it" and he hadn't said it with anything other than a conversational tone.

The host is one of the guys who joined in the Cards Against Humanity later that evening.

Just sayin'.


  1. Jon Pertwee (Doctor #3) is definitely in character as Worzel Gummidge, a kids show he did in Britain after Doctor Who; Tom Baker is in character as Rasputin, in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971). William Hartnell is in costume for one of the dozens of army roles he played in movies in the 1940s.

  2. Would you like a jelly baby? ;)

  3. Yep tat is worzel Gummage, one of the Mangle Worzels. I hate to be picky (no I don't my daughter says I'm like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) but there is one Doctor missing

  4. Paula:

    I assume you mean Peter Cushing as "Dr. Who" from the two feature movies?


  5. Ladies, I forgot about Peter Cushing! And I think I have a copy of Dr Who and the Daleks on videotape! (Yes, tape)

  6. The William Hartnell photo is a still from "Carry on Sargent" the film that sporned the Carry On series.

  7. David Tennant was playing Davina, a pre-op transexual barmaid who appeared in the sitcom Rab C Nesbitt. It's… not particularly politically correct really – it's on YouTube if you search for it.


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