Friday, July 19, 2013

An Unexpected Journey... or There...

We went inside and found our table about ten minutes early.  Our friend C joined us just about on time.  In an e-mail earlier in the day, she said she had "a treat planned."

Our first choice restaurant was booked so we decided to go to Bilbo Baggins, partly because of the reputation and partly because of the name.  They had Hobbit-themed drink names (I had a "Pippen Punch," uncharacteristic for me ~ I rarely drink).

Dinner was fine (although we each agreed our food was a bit overcooked) and we were treated as expected.  we were upstairs (downstairs was mostly bar and European-style tables, I guess kind of in the Hobbit theme) and it was crowded, but no-one gave us a second look.

It turned out C was in Old Town earlier and she had the wonderful idea to get water taxi tickets.  There are water taxis that go from Old Town to various spots in Maryland.  Commuters and tourists use them and C got tickets that would put us on the river at fireworks time.

Our boat stopped at the National Harbor, just a few miles south of Alexandria on the Maryland side of the river, at 9:15.  It was supposed to head back at 9:30 but instead they stayed moored there and we watched the fireworks from the bow of the boat.  I found out that there are also fireworks at Gaylord every other week or so during the summer.  It was very close to the boat, on the Maryland side.  It was a smaller, lower display but we could easily see the more impressive Alexandria display .  When it was winding down, the boat headed back to our starting point and we saw a great many small boats heading home.  Whenever there are fireworks in the DC area, people get on their boats to enjoy the show without the crowds.

The boat was as crowded as the restaurant, and we blended right in.

Please let me apologise in advance for the next paragraph.

I like the water.  I had a boat for a while when I lived on Long Island, and it made a lasting impact on my life.  For instance, when I'm dressing I always back into my slip.

(insert rimshot here)

And since I lost most of you, possibly forever....  Richelle, you old hippie chick, drop me a note.


  1. Meg -

    Backing into your slip..... GROAN!!!!!

    I've found that if you presents well, no one gives you a second glance. But that presents a conundrum - natal women often dress to be noticed, where we dress not to be noticed. How do we dressed to be very noticed as women, and not noticed as anything but?


  2. Wow, Meg, I'm not sure even Stephan Pastis would have tried "back into my slip."


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