Friday, July 12, 2013

Pimp My Ride, Girl Edition

Last weekend, we saw a Nissan Versa with curtains on the side.  From our car, it looked like curtains you'd see on a hearse, but... cuter.  We took a closer look.  The curtains were neatly tied over the side windows.  The dashboard was covered with a thick layer of what looked like snow.  There were Hello Kitty seat covers (yes, you get to sit on Hello Kitty's face).  Little doodads were hanging from mirrors.  The rear window was decorated with a pillow, feather boa, and some flowers.  My only comment was, "I bet this is a girl's car."

Charity took pictures.  Click to enlarge.

side window

Rear Window

Front seats.

Hanging from the mirrors

Sorry about the reflections. :(

Front window

Can you see the "Hello Kitty" seats?

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