Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Soiree!

before the party
This is the first that is not in Christine's house.  Joann's partner just arrived from Texas and they opened their home to this horde of women.  I didn't have a chance to talk to Pat at the dinner last week and I was looking forward to meeting our hostess.

  I considered a couple of different dresses and went with a black-and-white sleeveless one.  I've been more diligent about removing body hair and I thought this would be an opportunity to show off.  I have a few sleeveless dresses that I bought a while back with the intention of wearing them in the house only.  Most of the dresses I see these days are sleeveless and I don't want to start removing hair to the extent that I start to think "I can get some more cute sleeveless dresses."  My closet is full and my budget is tight.

Charity was working Saturday so I was mostly on my own for makeup.  She left me a "cheat sheet" and I followed most of it, but I like the way she does my makeup and I get complacent and don't pay enough attention so I had some sequence questions I had to wing: blush then powder or powder then blush?  Eyeliner then mascara then shadow, or shadow then mascara then liner or jeez! there are six combinations here.  I know there's more than one right way to do it, but her way seems righter than mine so I wanted to repeat it.

I let her choose a lipstick/gloss combination.  It was more subtle than I go for, but I think I prefer the bolder reds for civilian outings and can go with the more subdued for the trans ones.

Claudia and me
I chose jewelry I liked including earrings I hadn't worn before and a black-and-white motif for necklace and bracelet.  I opted for hose and close-toed shoes because my toenails needed a new coat.  I hadn't worn hose in a while and I like them (honest).  I tried a garter and stockings.  The stockings were incredibly sheer but I think I needed a longer size.  The garter straps had to be near their maximum length and when I sat you could see the stocking tops, unless I was VERY careful.  I didn't want to be that careful.

Charity had a little 24 hour bug the day before and she missed work that day.  She was going to send me off on my own but I knew that EVERYONE wants to see her, and I needed to go because I was chatting with one of my readers, Julie, who said she was going and this would be her third time out ~ her first two were visits to Freddie's.  More on her later.


  1. I have a blogging question: Have you been having problems with posting photos here? In the last 24 hours, Blogger keeps wanting to make certain pictures I post "full-size" instead of keeping them "medium" as I specify when I upload them.

  2. I think you did a good job on your makeup ~ especially your eyes.
    I have a similar black and white print dress. I generally wear it with beige or nude hosiery but I think that the black pantyhose seemed to work well with black pumps.


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