Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best Laid Plans ~ Self-Inflicted Injury Edition

Prior to my last outing, I Veeted my arms, chest, upper back, underarms, and the back of my neck.
Maybe the would work.

Veet has been pretty forgiving, but this time I left it on the inside of my left elbow (only!) too long and it left a burn there.  It's nothing painful; it looks like red lines in the creases inside my elbow.  I thought about it and figured that's a minor issue and sleeveless would be OK.  I took a critical look and saw that I missed the same spot I always miss ~ I'm sure it has a name but I don't know what it is.  It's the very top of the arm, in the back.  It seems to be overactive as far as hair growth goes and I either miss it or it's seriously Veet-resistant.

The morning I was to go out, I pulled out my electric razor to clean the spots.

I know there are certain spots I should not shave with an electric because I get razor burns, similar to that inner elbow burn.  I'll get small dots of broken skin, like I ran a grater lightly over the skin.  I cannot use the electric on the inside of my elbows or knees, or on my underarms.

It turns out that spot at the top of my arm is another one.  I was left with a dozen or more little cuts on each arm.

Sleeves it is.  And I didn't think cap sleeves would work.


  1. Did you ever experiment with wet shaving?

    Never liking the idea of chemicals, nor pulling hairs out by wax or some other method, I've always shaved with a suitable wet Gillette razor and gel. Nowadays, after over four years on hormones, I shave arms and legs only once every six weeks, which is not an onerous chore. Plus the hairs have weakened so much that even at the six-week point, I don't feel 'bristly'.

    It may not however go the same with everyone!


  2. Fashion maybe sexy, but not pain free :)

  3. Gotta be careful with depilatories. I used Nair too high on my thighs a couple of years ago, and some of it rubbed off on my scrotum, and that was like having someone holding a match underneath my boy bits. Ouch! It hurts to even remember. I am lucky not to get razor burn from Gillette, Schick, wet razors, and that is better than electric razors. My biggest problem is long, silky hairs in the middle of my back which I cannot reach. I understand that there is some sort of Nair/Veet type product which is spray on, has anyone used that? It sounds dangerous, as I'd hate to have any mist drift into my eyes.


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