Thursday, July 25, 2013

Civilian Game Night ~ Something Old Is Something New

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I have a folder with one full-length picture of Meg for each of the civilian game nights so I can try to not repeat outfits.  July's always a difficult month for my side job, which is where most of my spending money comes from, so I'm on kind of a tight budget.  NO new clothes, at least until things loosen up a bit.  And I do have things I like to do that don't involve Meg and they have to fit into that budget too.

So I dug into the closet and found a top and skirt that I had never worn before.  The skirt had a basic brown motif, and the top was solid brown with cap sleeves with elastic at the ends.  That was a new style for me, and once I got over the feeling that my straps were falling down (it was the elastic) it was fine.  I considered a shrug to cover that razor burn I wrote about the other day, but looking in the mirror I could see it was not very visible ~ certainly not compared to that Veet burn which I could explain away if anyone asked about.  I didn't think about what I would say.  Sometimes, it's more fun to ad lib.  (NB: no-one asked.)

I also had a pair of brown wedges I had never worn out before.  They have a wide ribbon that is supposed to be tied around the leg. I tried, once before, to wrap it up on my leg and tie a bow near my knee, but it didn't stay.  This time I wrapped it around my ankle a couple of times and tied the bow over my anklebone so each bow was on the outside of my leg.  I liked the look, but the shoes are of a material that does not breathe and were not my best choice for a summer (90+ degree ~ 32+ for my international readers) evening.  BUT my other brown shoes had high heels and seemed a bit dressy for game night.  These were clothing swap shoes, by the way. Best Price Ever.

Almost 30 people were signed up for game night, and I now knew several of them.  Last time, people sat around talking movies before settling down to games, so getting there a bit late would be OK.

Instead, we arrived early and parked on the street instead of in the development.  We crossed and walked through the parking area, past other people standing outside neighboring houses and chatting.  We and they kept top ourselves.

When we walked in, one person I didn't know was sitting at the dining room table while the host did some last minute cleanup.  We learned the other guest was J, and he wasn't interested in talking to new people.  He even said this was his "forced socialisation, otherwise I'd never go out of the house."  So we sat and waited a few minutes for other players.

S came in with "We Didn't Playtest This At All" which was just weird.  A slow round lasted a minute.  People would get cards that say "you win" and the game was over.  Or "everyone show from one to five fingers."  We would and the player read the rest of the card: "if you show an odd number of fingers, you lose."  Or it might say "odd... you win."  Or "match the player... you win."  Or some variation, so you couldn't think "I saw that card... odd it is."  Funniest play: one guy had a "show fingers" card, showed two, then read the rest "if you show an even number of fingers you lose" and he said "why did I do that?"

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  1. I like the outfit. Maybe it's because of your hair color, but I think it suits you!

    The game sounds weird to me, too. But, it's good to have something regular to get out and enjoy.


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