Monday, July 8, 2013

Game Night

Last week, we went to a civilian game night.  In the past, we've gone to the "overflow" game night but the host recently moved away.  The regular game night fills up pretty quickly so I was surprised and happy to get two spots.

I had reserved spots for the week before but I was exhausted and I gave up our reservations for a couple of lucky waitlisters.  And I had picked out an outfit for that night: a pinkish-salmonish top with crocheted lace around the neckline and cap sleeves ~ if it wasn't for the lace it would have been sleeveless.  I had purchased a long white skirt on sale a few weeks ago ~ I'm trying to pick up a couple of inexpensive maxi skirts, since they're both casual and the style this summer.  I grabbed a medium, on sale for $25 and tried it on when I got home.  Surprisingly, it was too large and I went back a few days later to see if I could find a small.

There was one, and it turned out it was no longer $25.  The price had gone down to $20!

For once, it turned out that the I-can-never-figure-out-women's-sizes dilemma worked in my favour.

Since I didn't wear the outfit last week, I thought I'd carry it over to this week.  Except there was a problem: the fourth of July intervened.

On the 4th, we were invited to a friend's house for games, a barbeque, and to watch fireworks.  (For my non-American readers, July 4th is American Independence Day and barbeque and fireworks are standard.)

But for the past several years I've helped my sons' 4-H fundraiser which is an all-day affair.  I passed by the Meg opportunity and offered to help again.

The fundraiser is outdoors and I'm a slow learner, so I came home tired and with sunburnt arms.  I did get to our friends' house in drab ~ they know both Meg and, um, non-Meg, so that's OK, but I'd rather be Meg, at least there.  The four of them were in the closing portion of a very complex game called "Seasons."  I grabbed some of their excellent food, watched the game, joined in the conversation... we never did get to the fireworks but it turns out we could see at least four displays from my apartment balcony.

But that's besides the point.

The point is, I burnt my arms in a distinctly male pattern: short sleeves line.  So I tried on a couple of shirts with longer sleeves, and finally reversed direction completely and wore a tank top with a sweater instead.  Silver jewelry, my new Aerosoles wedges and I was ready to go.


  1. Ha! I had the same dilemma this weekend. "Farmer's tan" is the slang around here for it, made the worse in my case because I have the bad habit of hanging my left arm out the open window when I drive. It makes me want to start wearing muscle shirts in Him mode, just so I'll tan (or more likely burn) evenly up the arm!

  2. Only thing worse than the "farmer's tan" (both arms, tanned nicely up to the bottom of the short sleeves), is the "trucker's tan" (nicely tanned on the left arm only - right arm only, for those who drive on the other side of the road!) Till I retired, I frequently suffered from "trucker's tan" till I started using sunscreen. That helped a lot. Nowadays, I wear sleeveless shirts/blouses much of the spring and summer, which eliminates the problem.

    Still working on my "white as a milk bottle" spending some time each day on the deck with my legs out in the sun. It's working - very slowly.


  3. ohhhh i loooove the pink stripe on the skirt! a really nice style . actually i like the whole outfit.


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