Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Best Laid Plans (Wardrobe Edition)

During the (drab) 4 July get-together, one of the women suggested that we three go out on Saturday evening for dinner and fireworks over the Potomac River in Old Town Alexandria (it's Alexandria's 264th birthday).

A couple of days later I was at the civilian game night, wearing my white tank, sweater, white skirt, and wedges.  You saw the pictures last week.

After I was dressed, I thought, "this is casual and pretty.  I can wear this to Alexandria next weekend."

At the games, I chatted with one of the other women players and I asked what she did.  She works in Alexandria, in one of Charity's favourite stores.  That meant we'd be going to her store when we were in Alexandria, and she's already seen this outfit.  I don't want her to think this is my only skirt and shoes (I may go back to the original cap sleeve top I was going to wear to the games).  Heels are out ~ there are cobblestones in Alexandria, and we'd be in a park with unpaved paths of loose gravel ~ wedges or flats make more sense).  So I needed to pick something different for Saturday.

I found a new/old purple top with a fake "cami" underneath.  It's old, because it's been in my closet for a long time and new because I'd never worn it before ~ it still had the tags on it.

The top was a very thin and light knit and the line of snaps on my cinch showed through clearly.  Last week's top had the same problem but I didn't notice until the night was over.  So cinch off, shaping cami on.  I was going to skip my padded pantie ~ the skirt seemed to drape OK and it was hot and humid out.  Then I took a closer look and I could see a bulge where there should be none so the padded panty went on.  It's tight and covers a multitude of sins.


  1. Meg -

    It's amazing what a little shapewear and a good tuck can do to eliminate unsightly bumps.


  2. I like the top with the built in cami. It is a good color for you and I really like the design and drape of the skirt. The heat makes dressing a bit more difficult but I do drive myself crazy when I do go out trying to figure what has been worn where and what goes with what. I know that GGs have the same problem but I wonder if they obsess over it as much as we do.


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