Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Simple Pleasures ~ Going Backwards

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I understand that people try to put everyone into a gender binary.  I'd like to see that go away (of course).  When someone looks at a baby and says "is it a boy or a girl?" I want to say "it doesn't really matter at this age, does it?"

Yet, in what I think is a huge step backwards, I saw the following on Freecycle: 

offer: bandanas for female dog

Very cute bandanas for female dog, size Medium or Large, 7 pieces. One for Valentines day, one for xmas.
Then I have a porcelain bowl with stripes and brown picture frame for doggies. 

Really?  Female dog?  Really?  Does it matter?  Are the other dogs going to look at the bandana and say "what a cute bitch" to themselves?  Are they going to laugh at a dog wearing the bandana?

And I did think of answering and saying "I have a male dog but he loves wearing female dog clothes.

I think we're going backwards.


  1. Meg -

    Then you'd be happy to see the progressiveness of Gomez Addams at the beginning of "Addams Family Values", when Pubert is born. People are waiting to find out what the newborn baby is. So when Gomez comes out, and is asked "what's the baby?" he responds.... "IT'S AN ADDAMS!!!"

    We need more people like the fictional Addamses....


  2. I forgot about that!

    When other people are asking "boy or girl?" or "weight and length?" I ask "how many?"


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