Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dinner With the Ladies

I've mentioned Sharon before.  I might have known her longer than anyone else in the community, although neither of us remembered our first meeting.

Sharon asked if she could come over to the apartment to carpool to the restaurant.  I happily agreed ~ Charity and I both like Sharon and we always have a pleasant conversation.

The drive was typical for the Washington area: we were backed up for twenty minutes or so, so we were among the later arrivals.  The plan was drinks at the bar at 7, seat at 7:30, and some of the girls might want to go to another club afterwards.

We got there during the "cocktail hour" and there were at least twenty girls present, including several partners.  We owned the bar area.

Christine and Pamela had scoped out the restaurant a few weeks earlier.  Christine was looking for a quiet restaurant, not knowing how many of us would show.  The restaurant she chose was on the top (17th) floor of a hotel.  She said when she checked out the room there were only a couple of occupied tables, and that might appeal more to the girls who were newer to going out.  When we got there, the restaurant was about half full.

There was a spectacular view of the Potomac.  As I said, about half of the tables were full but we had prime real estate: five tables that could seat six right by the plate glass windows overlooking Washington (from the Virginia side).  Other patron sat further away from the view.

Yes, we had that many guests.  I think the total was 27.

We were invisible.  I never saw anyone even glancing our way.  The waiters were attentive and helpful and, above all correct: "ladies" and "ma'am" as appropriate.

The food was so-so: much was purchased pre-made and frozen and heated for dinner (you know ~ those steaks with the "grill lines" on them.  That sort of thing).  Proof of the pedigree of the food: Sharon sat to my right and she ordered roast chicken.  The waiter informed her that they were out of roast chicken.  She changed to fried chicken, which they had.  OK....  That means they had chicken.  They were out of... roasting?

Pamela, Beth, and Christine made up the rest of the table.  Beth is a GG Mary Kay representative and she's helped several of the girls with makeup and more.  She has a little transformation studio in her apartment.  She's also offered lessons.  She's a welcome addition to our group!

We ate the so-so food, posed for pictures (and took some), enjoyed the view (and the sunset!), and talked about Just About Everything.  Most of the girls wandered from table to table, catching up.  (for instance, Rhonda joined our table for a while; Linda took my place while I was grabbing a few photos).

I remember noting that it was about 9:15 when we finished dinner.  Sharon didn't want to be home before 10, and we figured that if we left now, she'd be home around then.  But we did a little table-hopping and schmoozing and the next thing I knew, the after-dinner-chat was over (for me anyway) and it was close to 11.  Plenty of girls were still at the restaurant when we left.

I leave you with a few pictures.  Click to enlarge, but be forewarned: some are pretty large.  I think I'll have dinner photos later in the week.

Oh... one more thing.  If you're in the Northern Virginia area (or plan on visiting) join us!

Sharon and Meg.  HOT dress, Sharon!

Sharon and Charity. Before dinner ~  a little greenery scenery.

View from our table.  Note DC traffic on the bridge!

The ladies who made it all possible:
Christine and Pamela

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  1. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening. Meg, your dress was very cute, and your makeup was perfect.


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