Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ AGAIN With the Bathroom?

Click to read the Dove sayings
I've been hanging "Meg" name tags on my mirror.  I think I mentioned this a while ago.

I have a little cup of Dove chocolates on my desk.  Every couple of days, I grab one.  On the wrapper is a
little saying.  If I like what it says, I keep it.  And I stick it to the mirror by sticking it onto the name tags.

I keep sayings like Feel Free to Be Yourself and Do What Feels Right.  I don't keep Chocolate: Helps Build Strong Bodies 12 Ways or things like that (that's probably not a real Dove saying, but since I don't keep those I don't know what they say).

Since I tookj this picture, I added a fortune cookie fortune: You Will Have No Problems In Your Home

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