Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Planned to Write

Last Thursday, a group of six girls went out to Freddie's.  Some part of the local group goes out to Freddie's at least once a week.  I've never been.  The full name is "Freddie's Beach Bar" and Meg's never been one for bars.

It's a gay bar, and I've never been to a gay bar before (dressed or drab).

They had karaoke at 9; our plan was to have dinner at 7.  Since it was Thursday and we had to work on Friday, I didn't expect to be there when the karaoke started.

In fact, I wasn't sure if I'd be there at all ~ the forecast was for some extreme storms and I was a bit concerned.  Last June we had a derecho, a kind of straight-line tornado that caused a lot of damage in my area: power was out for over a week in some area (a million lost power for at least a day), roads were closed, trees were down.  I didn't want to be caught out in something like that.

But it looked like the serious weather would be earlier in the day, and Meg hadn't been out in weeks, so I was ready to go.  Plus, Bree and Joanie were here from Colorado, which is not a common event.  I guess they wanted to get away from the fires.

LOTS of shaving! :)
That's what I was going to write.  Then we started discussing restaurants near Freddie's as an alternative.

Then someone mentioned Alexandria (a few miles away) and we started looking for alternatives there.

We agreed on a pizza place in Old Town.

I'm going to tell you all something shocking: I've never had pizza.

There's a reason.  I seem to have a serious allergy to Romano and Parmesan cheeses.  It probably extends to other cheeses ~ I haven't tried to find out.  I can eat some cheeses; I suspect it's the hormones or enzymes or whatever they use to make those types of cheeses.  But it's a can't-breathe-going-to-pass-out-and-die kind of allergy.  If I have a packaged pasta sauce with a bit of cheese in it, I will know by the fact that... see previous sentence.

When I was a kid, I couldn't even go into a pizza place, so I'm improving.  I have had a couple of experiences where I had to get away from the cheese smell, but it's rare.

But pizza places have pasta, subs, and so on, so I was good.  I was good until I looked at the menu.  Salads, appetizers, pizza, dessert.  I asked the group to reconsider, but it was too late.

I did learn that Meg going out for dinner and not eating is fine way to spend some time, AND it's better for the waistline.  I did enjoy a pretty good Great Lakes beer called "Edmund Fitzgerald."  They offered close to 200 different beers so I had to try at least one.


  1. Looking good Girl!! Isn't it so much fun to do all that is necessary to make it happen and then have it happen without any problems and just have good fun with friends.

  2. Hi Meg,

    Now SJ Diane was Long Island Diane
    You look great!

  3. On BBC Radio 4 we have a show called "Actually I've never seen Star Wars" where interesting people do interesting things they have never done before, eating Pizza sounds a bit like that

  4. Meg,
    The idea of life without pizza or without veal parm seems almost like a fate worse than death. I think I would eat pizza or some form of pasta with Italian cheese seven days a week. Good luck with your allergies.

    I think that most of my outings have been to LGBT places. They seem to be the best places for me to go and find a level of acceptance. At my size I think that passing is just not realistic so I need to find places that would accept a gender blender. It is interesting, in many regards, in that many of the patrons in LGBT bars, both male and female, just do not know what to make of me. They feel that since it is an LGBT place that they should be accepting of T folks but they sometimes find it odd that I am a straight old married guy who just likes to go out and socialize while dressed.


  5. i love the colors in your outfit.
    for me i have found i need to stay away from garlic or i get an upset stomach ( i believe it is the oils in the fresh garlic) also if i drink diet soda i get a sore throat sort of like a old comming on. if the resturant gives me diet and i don't know it i get the sore throat within a half a glass. i never went beyond to see if it got worse. and finally all though piza was one of my favorite foods 15 years ago i had the serious week long flue which left me week for a month. afther for about 6 months just the thought of pizza turned my stomach. but eventually i was able to go back to eating it. wow an alergy to certian cheeses... hope you keep an epipen in the purse. thank you for sharing about the evenings events.


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