Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi Yo Silver

(for the record, I rank "juvenile westerns," such as The Lone Ranger, down near the bottom when I listen to my old radio shows.  "Adult westerns" (Gunsmoke, Six Shooter) can be fun though)

When I went out with Joanie and the rest of the girls Thursday night, I decided to wear some new jewelry.
The idea was to show both stars together. :(

Along with my Swarovski Crystal star ring (which I wear pretty much daily ~ if you  see a guy wearing that ring, it's probably me) and an "engagement" and "wedding" ring (both costume, probably under $20 for the pair), I had two new items.

When I was in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Charity noticed they had a "clearance gift shop" in the basement.  There, they had a pair of Swarovski star earrings.  Amazingly enough, they were clip.  Even more amazingly, they were $20.  Note: in New York City, $20 plus tax is around $145.  OK, not really, but it seems that way.

My ring is a hexagram.  The earrings were pentagrams.  If they matched up, I would have cheered out loud.  But the shop still made a sale.

Funny thing... I joked with the cashier about the earrings being for me, and she laughed, and didn't seem to believe me even after I drew her attention to my ring.  Remember, this was a drab day.

For my birthday, a reader gave me a necklace.  It's a short silver chain with a beautiful script Meg, also in silver.

I put on a clunky bracelet that went well with my dress and we were off.

rings and necklace.  clickk to enlarge!


  1. Very nice items!

  2. Love your jewelry, hon. Very pretty!

  3. i want a pair of those silver clip on star earrings with crystals from the museum you have. no more there. where how can i get them?


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