Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Simple Pleasure: Live and Learn

It's very cute
I bought a necklace last Saturday at a small jewelry store.  They sold a mix of vintage and new, fine and
costume (why isn't the opposite of "fine jewelry" "coarse jewelry?").

They had some that were hand crafted.  Charity bought a bracelet that was beads and a vintage dog tag (the type that goes on a dog collar, not a soldier).  I bought a necklace for under $15.  It had something I thought was new: a couple of inches of "extra" chain that allow you to clip the clasp onto any of several loops to lengthen or shorten the chain.

(Joking with civilians note: I said "maybe I'll wear it out" when she offered to put it in a box; when she laughed, I said, "you're right.  I'd have to remove my owl" and I showed her my clockwork owl which she thought was nice.  The funny thing is, I was wearing a woman's ring and my charm bracelet and neither triggered anything that said to her "he's serious ~ it is for him.")

The next day, I decided to wear it instead of my owl.  When I took it off at night, I noticed that the smaller eye on the end of the "extension" part of the chain was large enough that it could go into the hook opening and act as a stopper so the chain could be even longer than I thought.  I put it down and left it that way overnight.

Monday, I wanted to wear it to work.  I opened the clasp and put it on.

A few minutes later, I felt something moving on my chest down to my stomach.  I opened a button and reached in ~ the necklace fell down.  I was confused: the clasp looked closed, and the pendant was all the way at the other end of the chain.  I thought the chain broke (big deal... under $15, remember?) and that's when I learned something new: There are chain extenders that clip onto an existing chain to make it longer.  This one matched the chain perfectly.  The end that came off was the one I thought fit through the clasp without being clasped in (clearly, I was wrong).

Cute pendant
Long chain (16.5")
Extender (3")
Learned something new
Did I mention it was under $15?

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