Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Logic vs Reality

Last weekend, I decided to finally make my pilgrimage to New York.  I wanted to meet a few friends on the way and have some Meg time.

Logic got in the way first, then reality.

A possibility was to dress, head to New York stopping to visit one or two friends on the way.  I also hoped to look up Glamour Boutique to see if I could stop at their store on the way.

I looked at the situation Friday morning:

* it was going to be a 90+ day and my Prius is not famous for it's air conditioning.
* I left later than I had hoped and instead of going to my hotel first and then driving back to visit my mother (after changing) I thought it would make more sense to visit her on the way.
* no-one was going to be available for the drive up.

So I made the usual drab drive up.  We enjoyed a fair amount of traffic, and got to the city kind of late.  Considering the traffic and heat, it worked out well.

We still had Saturday and Sunday.

A (civilian) friend was going to join us on Saturday but he backed out at the last minute.  The original plan was to do midtown dressed if we were on our own, drab if not, and eat back near the hotel.  Instead, my mother (who I wanted to take out the night before) postponed to Saturday, so, once again, drab it was.

We walked from the Guggenheim down to Grand Central, about three miles as a straight walk.  But we explored the Metropolitan Museum for a couple of hours and walked through some stores and side streets ~ we probably doubled that.  It was cooler on Saturday but still very warm and drab was the right decision.  I did meet with one of my civilian friends that night, so drab was definitely the way to go.

We were still supposed to meet one friend on Sunday morning.  I was thinking of cancelling since the weather was cooler and we wanted to stop at a casino to kill a couple of dollars on the way back.  Meg and casinos are a good fit.

Instead, we couldn't get hold of my friend and it was too late to dress.

Almost a lost weekend, except for every dollar I lost at the casino, Charity won four. :)

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  1. Meg -

    This was a weekend I'm glad you had the brains to stay comfortable as possible.... I avoided my Marian time until the hot weather broke.



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