Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm away this weekend.  I was away last weekend too (alas, no Meg time).

My New York Trip last weekend was trumped by Charity ~ her brother's son graduated from high school and it was only six or so hours away, so we went there instead.

I don't know if Meg will be out at all during the weekend just past.  It was my NY trip.  It was supposed to be kind of hot for makeup and wig and there will be much driving and some touristy stuff (and some hanging with civilians who'd rather not hang with Meg, or don't know about her).  Key is to let Charity say she's been in NY and to visit my mother.

I leave you with two photos from last week's trip.  There was bear.  It was dark, so mama is a bit fuzzy.  The three cubs in the tree were a bit more stationary.  Mama walked right behind my car ~ I'm certain she was trying to convince the cars/people to follow her and get away from her babies.  No, I was not stupid enough to get out of my car, but I did roll down the window.


  1. Meg. Obviously no much of a news day for you. If the major media were to pick this story up, they'd need a headline to attract attention, yet truthful.

    My entry: "Meg. Bears. All."

    Anyone else Care to give a title for the story that would draw in the readers???

    Burst regards,

  2. Meg...

    A weekend without "Meg Time" - How Unbearable! (But so was the weather this weekend - I only got into Marian Mode on Friday night, and even through staying in A/C'd environments, roasted in one store.)

    Hope you can make up for it soon.



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