Friday, June 28, 2013

Dinner with the Ladies ~ Nailed It

Charity likes to do nails, both hers and mine.  A few weeks ago, she ordered a nail stamping kit.  I had
never heard of this, and it seems the other girls at dinner hadn't either.

It works like this:

There are a stack of metal disks with patterns engraved on them.  You choose a pattern, and add a tiny amount of "stamping polish," to fill in the pattern.  There is a blade which you run over the pattern to remove the excess.  Then there is a small ruubber roller, like an old ink blotter that you rock back and forth to blot the extra ink.  Yes, none of us ever actually used a blotter like that.  Our (grand)parents might have.

I don't know exactly which set she purchased, but it was like this and this together in a single kit.

Since we were going out late, she wanted to do my nails and she both polished and stamped them.  I always wish I could keep the polish on longer (my toes are still Big Apple Red), but I still need my fingernails bare (or shiny at best).  It seems like a lot of work for one day but it really takes just a minute or so per nail.

Here are both paws.  Click for detail:


  1. So, a polar bear walks into a bar and says to the barman, "I'll have please." and the barman says, "OK but why the Big Paws?"

    When I first started work we had some ledgers that still ad to be filled in with fountain pen using special ink and I used to use one of those blotters

  2. reallllly cool nail designs! i like the base color too.


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