Monday, June 8, 2015

I Never Thought I'd Need So Many People

Five years.

On 7 June 2010 I wrote A Bit of an Introduction and I've been blogging pretty much daily ever since.  That's over 1800 little pieces of my life.  Amazingly, it was almost three weeks before I posted a face picture of Meg (other than a thumbnail).

I've met a broad (pun) variety of people, some just virtually, some in person.

I re-read that first post, and I realised that I haven't changed much.  My world, and the world changed around me. 
My home situation changed in ways I couldn't imagine and more people know about Meg.

The T-world has changed in ways I couldn't imagine.  Barely a day goes by without a news  story about the community, and, for a change, they're not about violence towards us.

And I believe I've changed some other lives during those five years.  And if there was just one, that would make every minute worthwhile.

I learned so much from my readers over the last five years.  As David Bowie said (and I quoted) I never thought I'd need so many people.


  1. A lot has changed in those five years, I've enjoyed travelling alongside you ~ thanks

  2. I agree the world is changing fast for us gender enlightened folks!!
    Hugs to you, Meg!!

  3. meg you are soooo correct. first i never thought i'd be able to ome out to most of my famialy and friends and neighbors. it waqs only a fantisy of mine to be able to tdo that and niow it has haoppened. i never expected the positive reaction from everyone i have told. to be able to leave the hiouse in broad daylight sand do normal errends is wonderfull and a secret weight off my sholders. not haveing to live in secreat from my dad was also wonderfull as we were allways close and that secrete was driving a wedbge between us' now that he has passed i am glad to have remainded close to him as both selves. the fact that there have been so many professionals and noted people who have come out as transgendered has been a big help as well. we are no longer looked down at as some back room sleezy "lifestyle choice" we have come along way. but we didn't do it alone it took quite a few years and the efforts of the entire GLBT commuity and up to this point it has been the GL part of the group that has gotten the laws changed hich has been a major help to all of us. the word and us wil continue to evlove for as long as the world continues to exsist. thanks for shareing i allways enjoy reading boththe cartoons and your blog notes hugs diana


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