Saturday, June 6, 2015

Off the Mark

Mark Parisi's Off the Mark is a long-running panel strip.  I found it in the Funny Times years ago and while going through old issues (this was July 1992!), I found one I liked; it's the first one below.  I flagged it to scan and post and then I remembered.... 

Off the Mark is searchable!

So I first keyed in the obvious keyword (lingerie) and found a few I like.  Then I keyed in the more obvious (to us) keyword (crossdress) and found a few more I liked.  I know I've done that search before and I posted a few of the results I enjoyed but I think it's been a while.

Mark requests permission for use of his cartoons.  I'd like to post the one I wanted to scan, but I won't post more.  If you go to his website you can do those same searches and find a couple of dozen fun cartoons on our favourite subject. Maybe you'll find something funny on a different topic.

Also, keep in mind this would probably be funny in a different way to civilians.  Or 20+ years ago.


  1. I enjoy the cartoons you post. I hope I'm considered a friend.

  2. OMG! that's my kind of funny!!


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