Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Friend Beth

A few weeks ago, I said that I wasn't going to be linking to trans-articles unless something special occurred.  There were so many stories that they weren't really news anymore.  It was great!

Here's something special....  Last week The Washington Post had a long article about my friend Elizabeth Taylor.  It was headlined

Learning how to be a lady? For the transgender market, coaches help.

and it was about more than my friend Beth but she was featured (along with Erica, for whom she was doing makeup).  It also links to her website.  If you want to get a Liz Taylor makeover, I think you're going to have to make an appointment way in advance.  If you're going to only be in town for a day or a few, let her know.  I'm not her appointment secretary but I bet she'll bend over backwards to accommodate your schedule.  She's just a nice person, as I wrote when I first met her.
Beth's expertise

My writeup of my experience at her skilled hands starts just over a year ago, and is in this post and the next few.  Pictures of the great job she did are included, and more are here, on her website.

I recommend a visit.  Tell her Meg sent you. ;-)

Bulletin!  My little cockatiel, whom I wrote about when I bought him, said I should call her Cait and to enforce it, she laid an egg!  There has been no sign of the father.

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