Thursday, June 4, 2015

My $0.02


I still have the Bruce Jenner interview on the dvr.  I still have not watched it.

An often-repeated show business cliche is any publicity is good publicity.  A variety of jokes have to do with a famous actor getting caught perpetrating a heinous crime and telling the cop the correct spelling of his name.

I'm not so sure.

More attention to transpeople will bring more scrutiny.  More scrutiny means more bigots emboldened to call you out when you're all you're doing is, say, using the appropriate restroom.

The attention will lead to more ignorant people thinking their either smart or funny.  I'm not sure which Mike Huckabee, the clown who would be president, thought he was when he said, “Now I wish somebody had told me when I was in high school, that I could have felt like a woman when it came time to take showers in P.E. I’m pretty sure I would’ve found my feminine side and said, ‘Coach, I think I’d rather shower with the girls today.'

That remark says nothing about transpeople, by the way.  It says Mike Huckabee is a pervert and way back in high school he was a dirty-old-man in training.

His remark was pre-Jenner, by the way.  I don't know what prompted him, except for a deep-seated hatred.

It will change expectations.  People will consider the professionally made up, airbrushed, and photoshopped Caitlyn cover photo and wonder why we're not all bursting out of our corsets and looking half our calendar age.  They'll forget that they each know a hundred women who we look better or more passable than.

It may amplify homophobia.  Straight guys who look at some of the high-profile transbeauties are going to think they've lost their minds because their first reaction is "hot!" and their second is "wait... that's a guy" and they won't know how to handle that.  I'm afraid that will turn to anger and more crimes against transwomen for their problems.

I think long-term this will all be good.  And by this I mean more of us being visible, not necessarily the Jenner spotlight.  Light will banish the darkness.

Short-term I'm worried.  This is a big change in a country where 90% of the population say they've never met a transgender person.  I have no figures (or figure), but I'd guess that 100% of that 90% are wrong.

My gut tells me that going out is going to get riskier for a while.  I hope I'm wrong.


  1. Maybe it's just me ~ but this has had very little impact over here, we have had a couple of little bits the radio, where the bigger story was about the presenter getting his pronouns in a tangle. Of course it will get bigger when we start to get the TV series.

    1. Over here, she couldn't have more coverage if she was a passenger plane that vanished without a trace.

  2. Meg -

    "The attention will lead to more ignorant people thinking their either smart or funny."

    Yes - this is a risk. But I think they were already doing this to those who looked out of sorts.

    "It will change expectations."

    Very much true - and the public (for a while) will expect surgeon sculpted beauty. But, with children now being treated for being TG, we'll likely see many of us going stealth, because we're able to do so. It will be the people who are raised in retrograde households who may be left to transition late in life.

    "It may amplify homophobia."

    As if they needed other excuses.... I think you are right here. In the short term, those who are afraid will have something more to fear.

    On the whole, you are seeing the pros and cons and weighing them fairly.....


  3. Well-analyzed. A couple thoughts.
    1. Huckabee's a former Baptist pastor and close friend to the Duggar family,. who believes his path to the GOP nomination requires carrying the fundie vote. The hatred is real. I wouldn't doubt Huck's a closeted fellow traveler, either with us or with Josh Duggar. No way to know for certain.
    2. Caitlyn's certainly raised some of the look expectations, but she's going to find that to be her cross to bear. Fortunately, most people realize that everyone on a mag cover is photoshopped. I saw a clip from her upcoming show, and folks, she looks like a 65 year old woman in good shape, but nothing exceptional.
    3. I'm reminded of a Dan Aykroyd line here: "I understand exploitation, I've been exploited all my life". Jenner's the first I know of who's actually going to make a living from her transition. She has good management and a PR person on staff. She's unapologetic about it. I know she wants to get involved in the politics of the T movement. Given that a former Senate aide for Mitch McConnell who transitioned couldn't change his mind on the subject, I'm not sure how Jenner might, but you never know.
    4. I don't normally watch the Kardashians, but you ought to watch the interview, along with the 2 "about Bruce" Kardashian episodes. I think they will become must watch resources to watch prior to coming out to family. They are well done, far better than I expected.
    5. Annie's going shopping today. If I have any problems as a result, I'll report back. You probably pass better than I ever will, but I doubt any of us has more to worry about today than we did a month ago. We're becoming more visible, Jenner or not.

    1. Well said. Have you considered a job as my ghostwriter? :D

    2. How much does that position pay, and would I be able to get off to see Fare Thee Well over July 4 weekend?


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