Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Didn't I use that subject a week or so ago?

 A few months ago someone from a Spanish company called Translingerie contacted me.  They said they had a line of gaffs and asked if I'd like to try one.  I did, although I had my doubts.

The gaffs I've seen were thongs, and I tried a thong once and found it incredibly uncomfortable.

They sent me one of their gaffs and I made two discoveries:
  • it worked GREAT and
  • it was still too uncomfortable for me.
It has some extra support to keep everything where it's supposed to be, and clothes over it looked amazing.  I wore my tightest dress and there was not a sign of Something Extra.  But I couldn't wear it for more than a few minutes.  My goal was to give it a day-long test but I really couldn't.

I would recommend it, if you want the smooth front you should have, and you're good with wearing a thong.  If you're like me, I'd recommend a pass.

I just checked their webpage.  They expanded their line and I'll be back there in the next week or so.

By the way, a few years ago I ordered a gaff from a site called SuddenlyFem.  The website is actually  This is not the same as (plural) which is a great forum site.

The Suddenly Fem site had a lot of gaffs, in different colours.  I ordered one, and I also ordered a few other items, but that was just kind of "while I'm ordering the gaff, why not" stuff.

When my order arrived there was a note: "sorry.  We're out of the gaff you wanted."  They didn't replace it with another colour, or e-mail me asking if I wanted to replace it, or anything along the lines of what I'd call "intelligent."  (Example: I ordered a tape deck a few years ago.  I got a call the next day from someone at the company who said 'I'm really sorry but we're out of that one.  Would it be OK if we sent you the next higher model?'  Well, duh!)

The rest of the items were absolute junk.  I placed them directly into the trash.  But that's not the worst.

The following month, and for years after that, they sent me a PRINT CATALOGUE in the mail.  The package was unlabeled, but if it had opened or was damaged or if a kid opened it I would have found that embarrassing and hard to explain.  I wrote the company and said "please stop sending me the catalogues."  That had no effect.

They still send me e-mail, which goes directly into the (virtual) trash bin.

Do yourself a favour and order from a reputable company, NOT suddenlyfem.  All you'll be is suddenlyrippedoff.


  1. You used it on 6/1. However, it's a really good word, and, penultimately, should be used more often, particularly if you have a Mont Blanc to write it out with.

  2. oh yes i remember that company they were not the sweetest customer service reps on the phone ether. almost snide but i couldn't tell for sure.


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