Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And Last

Our support is all over the map, from the girl I mentioned the other day whose girlfriend would love for her to go full-time to girls who have to keep their clothes locked in trunks or in a storage facility and can't tell their SO or that part of their lives would end.

If I first found my current wife, I wouldn't understand what so many girls are going through.  I think it's why so many of the "1 percent" can't comprehend what living in poverty is like.

I can never share your experiences, but I can extrapolate from the two points of reference I have.

So the last Person Who Influenced Meg is my ex.  She gave me a taste of pain many of you have (or have had) to put up with.  And once she hired a lawyer, she gave me a taste of that poverty I mentioned above. :)

This is a bookend

This is just the lead in to the next cartoon

The other bookend.  And Loose Parts is now in the WaPo!

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