Friday, June 5, 2015

Another Year Older and Deeper In Debt

Happy Birthday to Me!  But you knew that.  I have a facebook page. :)

I had an opportunity to go to the sort-of-monthly soirees last Saturday.  Due to a time change, I though I didn't have enough time to get ready.  But I really did.  But I didn't know.  By the time I found out I really had had enough time, I no longer had enough time.

Before I thought I was in time trouble, I took a long shower and shaved everywhere.  I haven't dressed since February (wow) and I was thinking "the work is done.  It's all fun from here on" but, again, I thought I didn't have time to get ready.

Background: I have two less-than-perfect knees.  It's not birthday-related.  I damaged them long ago, doing high school gymnastics.  Mostly they behave but I've had episodes where they feel neglected and manifest that in a number of nasty ways: pain with movement, or swelling, or failing to support weight.  It's always unpredictable.

Saturday night, during the time I would have been at the soiree, my right knee decided to stop doing it's job.  I almost fell, then I limped around the house, swinging my weight onto my left leg because if I tried to stand on my right I'd fall and probably do a bit more damage to the weak joint.

Imagine that in heels.

Thalia's still watching over me.


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you will be able to get out to celebrate, without knee pain.

  2. Belated happy Birthday, and look on the bright side; two bad knees are better than three bad knees


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