Thursday, June 11, 2015

And Last

I used that subject last week as well.

It happens.  Click to enlarge (the cartoon not the imagination)
This is a hard post to organise and a hard post to write.

This will be my last regular post.

When I first started writing I found an audience.  A small audience.  Then one day, Femulate linked to me and my readership rose.

I decided that if the daily average fell below a certain level, or if I had no ideas for a week, I'd end the blog.

Something else happened.

I've always had time management issues.  I've tried a variety of programs, planners, structures... none seemed suited to me.

A few weeks ago, when my to-do list was out of control once again, I simply made two short lists:

Wants                                              Musts

Letting Meg go out was on the wants; a few years ago, it would have been a must, which I found interesting.  Some other recreational things were on the wants list; some were absent completely and I took that to mean I didn't care if I do them or not.

But writing my blog has moved from wants, where it probably was six months ago, to musts.

That's wrong.

Too many nights when I think I'm ready for bed instead I announce "I'll be there soon.  I have to put up a post for tomorrow."

I have things to write about.  At a minimum, I wanted to work at and critique Kathe Perez' voice program.  The world is changing for us and this is a wonderful forum to both share and learn.

But I believe Thalia is telling me to stop.  I trust my muse.  I'm afraid if I don't, she'll walk out and I'll ramble and jabber for a page every day and you won't enjoy that and I'll just embarrass myself.

If there are any comments here, I'll post them.  I may write an occasional post.  I hope to spend some time on facebook (username Meg Winters) if you want to join me there.  So far, I barely get on, but maybe that's because of the blog committment.  Give me a chance to ramp up.

I miss the blog already.

You can write me at and I may even try to figure out google+.  I keep getting notices that someone's adding me there, whatever that means.

I'm also on twitter but that's where I follow just a few people (one trans) and only post occasionally, mostly political dross.  I may expand into trans topics; right now if I get on twitter once a week that's a lot.  I am @ThePollyTicks.  Polly Ticks is my nom de nouvelles when I feel like annoying other readers on The Washington Post site.

I leave you with someone who did a better job of saying goodbye than I'm doing.  It was clear, it was succinct and it was a beginning as well as an end.  Change is good.  And buy a copy of Exploring Calvin and Hobbes.  It's a wonderful read.

The final Calvin and Hobbes strip. Click to enjoy!
We've got five years, stuck on my eyes
We've got five years, what a surprise
We've got five years, my brain hurts a lot
We've got five years, that's all we've got


  1. Say it isn't so!

    Be careful about Face Book, Meg! It tracks your posts and may "out" you to the world even if you don't wish to be!

    Good bye and good luck!

    1. I see some "leakage." I'm not that worried, really. It's part of the care/don't care I've written about.

      But thank you for the advice. I bet some girls would rather give up their bras than be found out.

  2. What a shame....but, on the other hand, the journey you started with the first post on this blog has, perhaps, ended.

    You are happily married now to a woman who not only accepts Meg, but loves her. You are comfortable being Meg or not being Meg as the circumstances require.

    Congratulations--you are who you were meant to be.

    1. And we still haven't met. It's not to late to fix that.

  3. Hi Meg,

    Thanks for the years of very interesting posts. It has been both entertaining and instructive.

    Please do come back occasionally and let us know how you are doing and maybe spin us up on the latest---like Google+, what ever it is.

    Maybe I'll see you around---if I ever get out in the community.

    You have been a bright spot in my mornings!

    Bobbie Brown

    1. Thank you, my friend.

      There are so many outlets and points of view now! It's like growing up with three fuzzy tv (hah!) stations and then getting cable.

  4. Meg,

    This post hit me like a hammer. Turning to your blog has been an almost daily ritual for me and I will greatly miss your humor, candor, insight, irony and overall 'Megness'. I hope that you keep the blog alive and at least post whenever the muse inspires you.

    I wish you only the best and as Robert Zimmerman sang:

    "May God bless and keep you always
    May your wishes all come true
    May you always do for others
    And let others do for you
    May you build a ladder to the stars
    And climb on every rung
    May you stay forever young...

    May you always know the truth
    And see the lights surrounding you
    May you always be courageous
    Stand upright and be strong
    May you stay forever young...

    May you have a strong foundation
    When the winds of changes shift
    May your heart always be joyful
    And may your song always be sung..,

    And May you stay forever young."


    1. Thanks Pat. You made me cry.

    2. Hopefully tears of joy for the joy you have spread to me and others.

  5. I'll miss your posts...hope you will still blog occasionally, just for fun. Keep in touch!


  6. Meg -

    May i suggest weekly posts? You'll have much more time in your life, and you can write on the important things you really care about.

    But please keep in touch privately.


    1. I think it'll be "when the muse strikes." That turns the must back into a want.

  7. I'm going to miss you Meg!
    I've been following your writing here for a relatively short time (a little over a year) and I'm more of a lurker than a participant.
    That being said, I really like reading your perspective on the world of cross dressing and transgender issues.
    Hope this next phase of your life is rewarding!

  8. Things change, situations change,life goes on. I and many others will miss your comments and your humour, I hope you will still drop by occasionally and through your opinions in.

    You will be missed but at least we all know that you are now in good hands!

    1. Thank you. Everyone should have a favourite Charity. BUT NOT MINE!

  9. Meg,
    I remember, you’re 1st trip across the country. I hung on every word! It seemed so BOLD. Walking into the lion’s den (TSA). You noticed and wrote, about every small part of your trip. I was still deep in my closet. You were, and still are my Hero. I wanted it all, and slowly bloomed, found a chat line to talk to others, and finally meeting one member (who you may know). She got me out……soon I was doing once a week…. now it’s almost daily. I’ve loved reading you’re blog… I’ll miss you… but I also know that you’ve found and comfortable place, which you never had. I’m so glad you have, Charity, I know it adds joy to an another boring day. I know you have that “retirement bubble “ ahead, perhaps, Meg will return, knowing that it does not matter who see you then……..The fact that you’ve wrote nearly daily for 5 year is exceptional ………..maybe you’ll do a biweekly, chat to my friends. Still hoping to meet you in person, I’ll miss you, honey… Hugs!!!

    1. When are you going to be in the area, Karen?

  10. Meg,

    I'll miss your daily posts, but I think you're wise to listen to Thalia. Better that your blog be a joy than a chore.

    I hope you'll continue to post as the mood and opportunity strike you. All best wishes to you and Charity.

    I just noticed that Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month.

    Best wishes,


    1. I LOVE you Linda! Someone actually reads my blather! WOW!

      I always figured it was like being a radio DJ. You might have an audience of millions or you might be talking to yourself. :)

  11. Dear Meg,

    It wasn’t until I started blogging myself that I discovered the vast internet space we like to call “bloggistan”. I vaguely knew it existed but had no idea about all the varieties. While I tried to write about my TG stuff I soon came across related blogs. Yours was one of the first I really read with all my senses. Actually Zagria’s “A Gender Variance Who’s Who” was THE first and that’s not bad for a start I think. You were about to travel pretty but everything you write is so very lifelike. You gave me the opportunity to find out what “following” means and above that we exchanged some personal mails.

    You posted lately about people who had a positive influence on your live as a woman. Let me tell you this: you are certainly one of my heroines. There is some discussion about the use of the label “hero” on people like us who step forward but I like to see you as one. No matter what, you may post weekly, monthly or wheneverly, you’ll always be in my mind. Well, not to exaggerate, at least twice a day. I fully understand you reasons to step down a bit on posting. It’s my own experience and I see it happen with others as well. Blessings to you and Your Perfect Luv and I wish you all the best in life. And like Pat writes: May You Stay Forever Young.

    Yours truly,
    Corinna Victoria Makander

  12. Hi Meg,
    I've followed your blog a long time, and will miss it, and your adventures.
    However, I'm sure you're making the right descision - keeping us amused is surely not a sensible life goal any more.
    If there is ever to be a vaguely trans-tolerant period in history, it's surely now. And those who can, do. And those who can't, just blog about it.

    So - go girl go!


    1. Keeping my friends amused is my life's goal. But...

      Edmund Kean, dying in hospital was asked by a visitor "dying... is it hard?" and Kean replied "dying is easy. Comedy is hard."

  13. Meg,

    It's been a pleasure following your comings and goings. I'll miss your postings. Next time I'm in the area, we'll meet up again.


  14. Miss reading this but I hope you are happy. Best of everything. - Mike


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