Thursday, July 17, 2014


Before I start, Rhonda wanted to know why I don't talk about the fringe until it's over.

It's Not Over.

The DC Fringe festival runs through 27 July.  There are others in other cities; the googles are helpful.

I'll be back once or twice before it's over.

So my fringe visit was... Uneventful.
Uneventful meal

Riding the metro ~ uneventful.

The first stop is Fort Fringe where you get your admission buttons and possibly tickets.  I got my tickets and buttons.  I chatted a bit with someone in line.  I went to the ladies'.  The first show was not very good.  You can live a full and happy life if you skip "Tame," the Fringe version of "Taming of the Shrew."

The other shows were better.  More tomorrow.

After the show, we were stopped by someone who said he was soliciting donations for the Southern Poverty Law Center.  He mentioned specifically that they support "poor gays" but didn't mention specifically transgender.  Being a skeptic, we passed.

From there, we walked a bit to fill the two hours between shows.  We watched a brass band which seemed to spontaneously appear at the entrance to Chinatown, looked at a couple of restaurants but decided to backtrack and grab a meal at Fuddruckers.

Uneventful.  If anyone noticed either of us, I didn't notice anyone noticing either of us.


  1. Fab dress! If anyone noticed you, it would only (only?) be to offer a compliment.

    I'll look up the D.C. Fringe Fest.

    As a non sequitur, did anyone notice the news story of the poor person stopped temporarily at a Florida airport by TSA because they didn't have valid ID? Seems their drivers license was from some country called "District of Columbia" -- as in Washington D.C.!). Seems the new DC drivers license no longer says "Washington" on it and the TSA chap didn't know The long form of "D.C." Would hate to be a T girl caught up in that kind of Kafka-like encounter.


  2. Sometimes uneventful can be the best possible outcome, it's nice to just be let alone to be yourself


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