Monday, July 7, 2014

Picking Bones

Let me start by saying I love it when a sister writes a book.  There are a few good autobiographies of MtF transsexuals, fewer from crossdressers.  I was pointed at a fairly new book by a crossdresser and I may grab a copy.

So far, all I've seen is the same PR note.  Here's a link to one.  The headline (always) reads

Author Catie Maye Enjoys Wearing Dresses, Is Proud of It in 
'Men Can Wear Dresses Too'

Feel free to read the blurb.  You can also find a snippet from the book on Amazon and Google books.

It's self-congratulatory (no surprise) but the following really bothers me:

"Everybody has the right to be different," Maye believes. "Those men who cross dress are just exercising their right to be different."

Really?  Is that what we're doing?  I've never heard a t-friend say "I wear a dress to exercise my right to be different."  I've heard a dozen different reasons, but that has never been one of them.

As I said, I may grab a copy.  I mean, just to be different.


  1. I became a crossdresser because I secretly love trying in vain to find a pair of white pumps with a 1/2 platform and 4 inch heel, in size 12 wide, plus owning more lingerie and makeup than 3 women combined. - Julie

  2. I got the chance to review Catie's book for the current issue of Frock. Some genuinely funny moments, and some really thoughtful ones as well - I identified so very well when Catie's wife talked about how the dressing itself wasn't a problem, but the secrecy of it.

  3. One more easy, "we can dismiss these folk" packaging job. Sad isn't it. I really liked the right to be different part too.

  4. being "different" sounds like some young punk listening to alternative music, and hating that band if they get signed because they've become like every other corporate band. Crossdressing has many reasons for doing so, being "different" probably isn't one of them.


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