Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Layers for Warmth

I wear layers.  Layers on my body, layers on my face.

Over bra and panties I often wear a padded panty; pantihose with close-toed shoes; a waist cinch and
Still working on the Art of the Selfie
camisole, or shaping camisole; sometimes a slip; and finally a dress or top and skirt.

That's a lot of layers for an upper-80s summer day, like last Saturday.

Plus wigs are warm and breast forms are warm and nylon or other silky panties are warm.

Charity suggested I plan for the heat.

There's nothing I can do about the wig or forms but she suggested cotton panties and skipping everything but those and my bra under the dress.

It felt weird at first, but I think new clothing experiences is a part of dressing.

So visiting the Fringe festival was "Meg-light." 

But I was still perspiry hot.

And I enjoyed three shows and had a great time.

The picture here is at "Fort Fringe," pretty much everybody's starting point.  Just to my left is a photo of me, pre-shaving.   Yes, it takes a lot of time to get ready!


  1. I have always thought that you did a good job on your eyes and eye brows and looking at the pre-shaving photo it is evident that I am correct.

    The heat and humidity is an enemy to my dressing. Charity has the right idea but for me getting dressed to go out does tend to entail most of the steps and layers you set forth in your post.

  2. Meg

    I used to wear about as many layers as you, but I too have discovered the joy of less layers. At Keystone 2014 I dressed with just cotton panties and a bra with silicone forms. It was amazing how freeing it was to go without layers, and I don't think it degraded my presentation terrible. After all, some GGs are hipless and buttless, so why can't I


  3. I,too, usually go with layers in an attempt to add curves where there are none, and compression where too many beers and good food have left their mark. BUT, on a hot day, or for to get out the door quickly to go shopping, I'm comfortable with panties, skirt/shorts/capris/jeans, forms and bra (both mandatory) wig, and whatever degree of makeup I can throw on and look presentable. Fully agree that on a D.C. HOT DAY, minimalist is best. And cotton panties, not the slick nylon or other synthetics. Forgot to mention the required gaff -- can't leave home without it.

    BTW, That 'before' pic shows some kinda unibrow. Does the salon charge double to tame that beast? Also noteworthy is your ability to retain your wig on that isosceles head. Remarkable.

    Finally (and seriously), I must read the wrong news sources, as each year I only hear of the Fringe festival when you write about it in the past tense. If you think of it next year, maybe mention it in advance and we can scare up a few girls to go together.

    Always best regards,


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