Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Bigger Picture

Yesterday, I took exception at a small comment from Catie Maye's PR note about her book "Men Can Wear Dresses Too".  A comment by Sally Bend:

I got the chance to review Catie's book for the current issue of Frock. Some genuinely funny moments, and some really thoughtful ones as well - I identified so very well when Catie's wife talked about how the dressing itself wasn't a problem, but the secrecy of it.

reminded me I was being unfair.  I didn't read the book yet, so I thought I'd try to find her review.

I didn't, but I found two others, both positive.  Please take a moment to read the reviews by Nikki Nicole in tgforum, or the brief one by Amos Lassen.  And Sally posted a customer review on Amazon.

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