Friday, July 25, 2014

Name and A Dress

I've noticed I have lots of skirts I love but most of my tops I'm not that fond of.  So, to balance that out, I wear dresses most of the time.

At game day, I found a combination I liked and wore a top and skirt.  I think I should take every top I have out of my closet and lay them all down.  If I decide I won't wear one I will get rid of it.  I bet I bring half of my tops to the next clothing swap.

another pre-games pic

There's a line at the loo!


  1. I like that top. I could have written the same opening line. I have lots of skirts that I like but putting one together with a top is a talent that often eludes me and Iend up opting for a dress. I think I need more tops in the closet.

  2. Meg -

    I'm bringing some of my tops to a clothing swap tomorrow. It's part of our learning process - finding out what doesn't work for us, and replacing the stuff that doesn't work with stuff that works. Swaps are a great way to lower our costs of that replacement....



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