Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at the Fringe....

(note to ezs: I saw your comment.  I'd be happy to look at your blog, but the address is wrong)

 I mentioned "Tame" as a show to miss.  The next two that we saw were better.

The first was "Bethesda," which I had seen reviewed and it sounded interesting.  Plus, Bethesda is just over the bridge in Maryland.  It was a family drama, well acted and well scripted.  My only complaint is, the scene kept changing from Bethesda to Central America and they'd always have the same South-of-the-Border music playing during the scene changes.  I would have liked for the music to cue me as to where the scene will be next.  Bethesda is playing tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday.

After the show, we were standing in the lobby of the Goethe Institut.  Both the second and third plays were there, but on different stages.  That's where I congratulated one of the actors on the fine show.

Mostly, I'm a fan of comedy, and comedies abound at Fringe, but these were two dramas.  The final show was a one-woman show called "A Lesbian Belle Tells."  Elizabeth McCain, a now-local woman who grew up in small-town Mississippi, tells about her southern family and how both she and they came to terms with her lesbianism.  It was interesting, touching, funny, and enlightening and I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.  I mean, for a straight Yankee.  Charity (not only from small-town Alabama ~ she actually knew some of the same people Elizabeth knew) enjoyed it a lot more.  In fact, I noticed something funny: she'd talk and there would be laughter, either from her telling of the story or from recognition, but different groups.  After a while, I could recognise the lesbians, southerners, and, um, "others."

She does her show at venues other than Fringe, where she has two more shows.  If you go, say hi after the show and tell her Meg and Charity sent you. :)

And you can find her on her facebook page.

One more note....  Last year we saw a show called "Caberet XXXY" from Pinky Swear Productions.  It was original, funny, and I had a great (drab) time.  I wanted to see it because I thought there might be a t-connection from the letters.  It turns out they have a three woman troupe and a guy joined for that year's show.  This year they're doing "Caberet XXX: Everybody F*cking Dies" and I hope I get a chance to see one of the remaining four shows.

Get out and enjoy the Fringe.  I guarantee if you're going out dressed you won't be the most outrageous person there.  In fact, people might ask what show you're doing. :)

And I also guarantee you'll love the shows.  Or not.  Hey, it's fringe.  It's kinda mixed.  If you want a boilerplate blockbuster go to Broadway.

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