Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Simple Pleasure ~ Overwhelmed!

I cannot believe the number of books, articles, op-eds, and events I am seeing relating to trans-issues.  Some are good, some are bad, some are empowering, some are scary, some show the writer's ignorance, but the fact that our visibility is increasing exponentially is definitely a good thing.

The haters are still there, but there are more and more "who cares?" people out there now, and more

New top, new skirt!
and more "here's something good about transfolk" stories.  I still see stupid headlines like "Man Stabbed by Crossdresser" but I expect it won't be long before enough people take umbrage and it goes the way of headlines like "Man Stabbed by Negro."
The "overwhelmed" comes in because I like to try to sometimes post links to relevant articles here.  There are so many, that would now be a full-time job, both my writing and your reading.  I already have a couple of full-time jobs, and don't have room for another.

I'll try to catch the best (and worst) and post them, but I'm sure a lot will slip through my fingers and I've had to cull whole areas, like growing up trans ~ there are a LOT of kids with accepting parents who want what's right for their children but they're in unchartered territory.  I'm fascinated but... it's that full-time job thing.

It's good that it's overwhelming and the haters are becoming a smaller voice.  Soon they'll be just the KKK and neo-nazi fringe types.  I know they'll never be gone, but the future looks bright.

The photo to the right is from last weekend's game day.

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