Thursday, April 18, 2013


For each of the things I wear, I have a story.  If, say, my mother or sister asked I'd probably tell the story. 

For any of you who would like to stretch the femininity envelop but do care, I herewith share my stories.

Tights, Socks: "I don't wear ties.  I like a bit of colour and hate ties, so I try to get interesting socks.  Yes, they're girls' socks, but socks are socks, no?"

Bracelet: I explain what the charms mean.  I don't offer a "I like feminine things" explanation.

Ring: "It's a gift from a friend.  She thought it would like nice on me and I agreed.  You really think it's girlish?  I think it's fine."

Shoes: "I'm very hard to fit.  A friend suggested her Aerosoles were the most comfortable shoes she ever wore and I decided to try a pair.  They look like most shoes men wear, no?"

Shirt: "Really?  No.  You're mistaken.  My wife bought it for me [or it was on the men's rack].  It looks like a man's shirt."  Note: this means you can't wear women's shirts to wherever you were caught anymore.  Also note: I once pointed out to a woman that she was wearing a man's shirt and she got very flustered then angry.  I pointed out that it buttoned the wrong way.  She went off and the conversation was over.  I was wearing a women's shirt at the time.

Bra: "um, er, uh, well, LOOK AT THE TIME!  I HAVE TO RUN!"  Maybe "HEY!  MY EYES ARE UP HERE!" :D


  1. Meg -

    And I'll trade you the comments I sometimes get from my personal ad, where I openly state I dress in both male and female modes, with my Marian image prominent in the ad....

    We can come up with great conversation pieces, can't we....?


  2. Well apart from the shirt one they are all true, if a little ingenious. A while back I was wearing a favorite pair of female boots while in drab, a friend started to observe, and said something like "you know what we think of he way you are dressing" (or something like that) I just said that I am now of an age where I don't have to care what other people think of what I wear, there hae been no comments since.

  3. Bra - I have a rib that pops out of place where it connects to the cartilege every once in a while. I've learned how to pop it back most of the time, but once it pops out, it needs to be restrained from popping out for a while until it heals. I used to have a very expensive and very uncomfortable medical device that I had to wear, but I found out that a bra works just as well, and it is cheaper and more comfortable.


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