Friday, April 5, 2013

38, Si. C, No. (Part I)

I have several bras.  OK, I have a lot of bras.  OK, I probably have more bras than most women do, but I have more sizes than most women.  Mostly, I wear a 38C.

Most of my bras are "full cover" bras, so my pads stay still and hidden.  Some have bands that are too small, some have bands that are too large.  According to a quick fit at a Victoria's Secret, all of my bra bands are too small.  I differ.

According to websites I visit, if I go up a band size, I go down a cup size.  So if a 36 fits, it should be a D cup.  If a 40 fits, it should be a B.  No, I don't understand it either.

And of course if I don't put in pads a 38AA (which doesn't exist) is probably my true size.  Maybe I can wear an A if it's heavily padded.

I have one bra that I've been wearing to bed with my foam pads.  It is pink and lacy and has the marvelous feature that it blends perfectly with a nightie that has a pink and lacy bodice.  It looks like I'm not wearing a bra at all, even though the bodice is somewhat sheer lace.

But last Sunday, for the air museum visit with Marian (in drab), I decided I wanted one particular bra.  It's heavily padded, to the point that it presses gently against my chest without any other pads at all.  It's dark blue, lacy, and pretty.  It has two hooks in the back, adjustable straps that are narrow but wide enough to not dig (at least not dig without heavy breasts cupped in them), and fairly robust (HA!) underwires.

As I said, it's heavily padded, to the point that if I wore something light or tight I would definitely appear to have small breasts.  Maybe an A, maybe a small B.

Instead, I put it on with a new shaping cami over it (from Assets) and a denim shirt.  If I thrust out my chest it would show.  A bit.  With a coat over everything, probably not.  I doubt Marian noticed, and I suspect she'd look for things(!) like that.  I would.

I pretty much forgot I was wearing the bra most of the day, until I'd touch my chest for some reason and notice it stuck out a bit more than usual.  It's a nice sensation.

Sunday evening, I told Charity that it was a shame I couldn't wear that bra under my regular work shirt.  She said "under your purple shirt it should be OK."

Admittedly, it doesn't take much to get me to push the femme envelop.


  1. I know what you mean about the number of Bras, I have more than enough for each day of the week, in a variety of colours and patterns, I think my wife has three, two white one black.

  2. My problem is probably the opposite one: I probably really need to be wearing a bra all the time - 42b in a Bali, no padding. I'd love to wear a bra daily, but my assets would be very obvious to everyone if I did. I wear a cami under everything all the time.

  3. has a selection of 38aa as do sme other sites. i just searched (Google) for "bra 38aa". There are aa all the way up to 42.


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