Friday, April 19, 2013

Envelop Stretching Time

I have some catching up to do.  I went to two Christine events.  One was a discussion of gender held at her house a few weeks ago.  The other was dinner with about 20 girls at a local restaurant.

But I'm going to cover those next week to talk about something a bit more out of the ordinary.

For the dinner, I asked Charity to do my nails.  She picked a lovely purple shade and I enjoyed seeing my painted nails that evening.  The next day, I planned to take off the polish prior to going into DC (in drab) to see the cherry blossoms and visit a museum or two.
Tulip Garden in DC


But I didn't want to take the colour off.

So I didn't.

Instead, I did some calculations.  I figured the chances of seeing anyone I know was tiny.  I also figured the chances of any unpleasant comments was tiny: we were going to look at trees and art, both somewhat civilised ventures.  The chance of getting negative looks was higher, but really, why should anybody care?  I sure didn't.

So we drove to the metro, took the train into DC, walked to the tidal basin, walked around a bit, went to the Natural History museum (a butterfly aviary and orchid exhibit caught our attention), and we wandered through the National Gallery.  We stopped at a Ross to return a couple of dresses and at a supermarket on the way home.  We decided to stop and get an early dinner at a buffet near the supermarket.

It's me.  In drab.  Really
When we got home, I didn't want to take the colour off before going to work the next day.

So I did some calculations.  And I sadly took the polish off.

Maybe next time.

For the record: I went to work on Monday with a head that clearly showed I had too much sun over the weekend.  No-one commented on that.

So maybe next time.


  1. Just do it.

    I've had my nails long with acrylic and colour virtually continuously since early January 2011, and spend most of my time in boy mode. They're presently about 1" long including about 3/8" sticking out past the finger tips, and are painted bright orangey red.

    I have not had a single negative remark.

  2. Unless you work in really close proximity to other people who'd see your hands, or your work is guaranteed to ruin a good manicure, nobody'd notice a French manicure, would they?

  3. I have done that calculation more than once. I have never liked the odds enough to risk it ... yet.

  4. It's a lovely colour, I don't think that even if no body noticed the polish woudl survive my work. I often wear a clear polish as protection as my nails get to a nice length.

  5. Meg -

    The color looks nice on you - even in boy mode....


  6. It looks like Meg in boy mode is getting less shy. In my blog, she only let ONE hand be shown! ;-)



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