Monday, April 22, 2013


Memorial Day weekend, I plan to take a trip up I-95.  I'm hoping to meet some of my readers, and visit some of my New York friends.

Here's the preliminary itinerary:

Meg will be driving up 95 from northern VA to NY, crossing in via either the Outerbridge or George Washington bridge.  I'll stay somewhere in Nassau (east of the city).  I'll change and spend most of my time in drab, visiting old friends.  I'm hoping Meg will make an appearance in the city, but one of "us" will be going.  Meg will check out of the hotel and drive back down, possibly visiting some ladies near the city, if any are around.

The plan: this is a three day weekend for both Charity and myself.  The drive up will be on Saturday
morning, the drive back Monday morning or afternoon.

The question: are any of my on-line friends going to be around and along that route?  Drop me a Drop me a note or leave a comment with the word (private) at the start and your e-mail and I won't print it.  I hope to meet at least a couple of my readers in person!

Meanwhile, I have a lot to write about!  In addition to the events I haven't covered yet, last weekend I went to a game night, a clothing swap, and out to dinner with friends.  The photo to the right is of Meg before going to the (all civilian) game night.


  1. Sounds like a plan and I'm sure you will succeed.
    I wish I could fly in. Allas, I'm not a witch :-)
    Stacy is but to cross the Transatlantic, it might be a hurdle to her too.

  2. Life seems to be really taking off for Meg. Doing ordinary tings with ordinary peope and being treated as an ordinary woman ~ bliss


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