Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sharon's 'stone (Part II)

(completing Sharon's review of Keystone; she was giving how-to-girl tips at the end of yesterday's post)

When eating a bread roll, do not butter the entire roll at once.  Take a pat of butter and put it on your bread plate.  Break the bread into pieces that are big enough for one or two bites, and butter each piece and eat it.

Take smaller bites, and pause between bites for conversation.  When women talk, they turn to face each other and look each other in the eye.

LOVE this outfit!
If you have long hair you can tie it back with a scrunchie so it doesn’t fall into your face while you eat.

When eating meat, cut one piece at a time, eat that piece, and put your knife and fork down. Then repeat.

If you are eating a salad and the lettuce is in big pieces, you can use your knife to cut it into smaller pieces. 

She suggested that you only fill the top 1/3 of the fork with food.  And do not put the entire fork in your mouth, just the tip where the food is.

She also discussed makeup etiquette.  She suggested that you avoid wearing lip gloss before eating, because it will come off on your glass.  Instead, you can wear a matte lipstick.  Or just fill in your lips with a lip liner and some chapstick.  She said you should not fix your makeup at the table.  Its okay to make a quick check of it in a small mirror at table.  Then, if needed, go to the rest room to fix it.

When using the women’s rest room, make sure you sit down on the toilet and have your feet facing the correct way. Don’t be too chatty in the restroom and don’t stand in front of the mirror more than a couple of minutes.

Napkins can be useful.  Be sure to ask for extra ones when eating “finger food” or anything likely to be messy.  Make sure to wipe your hands before touching your glass.  You should dab your face with a small section of the napkin rather than the whole napkin.

Monica didn’t mention this, but I read somewhere that your should place your napkin on your chair when excusing yourself from the table during a meal.  It is not okay to leave a soiled napkin on the table while others are eating.

How to eat soup:  fill the spoon; lean forward; put the soup in your mouth and swallow it; rest the spoon on the soup plate next to the bowl; don’t slurp!; do not lift the bowl to your face.  It is ok to tilt the bowl slightly in order to get the last spoonful.

When drinking beer in a nice restaurant, it should be served in a glass. Don’t drink red wine or a martini in a martini glass) in a crowded bar or club, as this is likely to spill.

All of these tips seemed useful to me.  I look forward to practicing them the next time I dine out en femme.

Through her website, http://www.nouveaushe.com/, Monica Prata provides full-range femininity training in-person and online, offering lessons in wardrobe, makeup application and deportment.

Here is another website with useful tips about deportment:


  1. The (Anglican Convent girls-only) school I attended had something they called a 'deportment girdle' - a colored sash given out to worthy girls to be worn hanging off their belt.

    Now I know why I was never the recipient of one! That's an intimidating list of behaviors to follow.

  2. Great ideas...heard many of them as a kid...but do I follow them nowadays? Guess I have to double down and get practicing, at least on some of them!

  3. Thanks ladies for posting. And thanks Meg for allowing me to guest blog again. Of course, not all women adhere to every item on this list. And some may disagree with a few of the items. Still, it helps to realize that when we are out in public, how we act is just as important as how we are dressed.

  4. Great ideas.... Denae Doyle out of Santa Cruz, CA says similiar things in her work....


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