Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ More Trying On

In addition to earlier posts about trying things on (like shoes and earrings), I noticed I have a lot of lip products ~ lip liners, lipsticks, lipglosses.

It's time to find out which ones I like, which ones look horrid... what to keep and what to toss.

I think, if I tried one lipstick and lipgloss per day, I'd have a hobby for a month.  And if I wanted to try all of the possible combinations of lipstick and lipgloss I can probably go for close to a year.

(I'll ignore the half-dozen or so lip liners for now.)

And if history is my guide, I'll like five, love two, and buy another dozen to try different shades.

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  1. Do you find yourself matching lipstick to outfits? I've winnowed down my lipsticks to, well, a drawerful, of which 4 of the lipsticks and 3 of the glosses actually get used regularly. All the others match a particular top or dress, or are in reserve (my go-to for shopping/casual/dinner out is Max Factor Raisin, discontinued, but I have 1 in use and 5 sealed in reserve). It's still a sizable number.

    I suspect you'll enjoy this little project. Can you put lippy on barefaced and tell if it can work, or not? I can't. I have to have the hair, foundation, powder, and some mascara/liner at the least to be able to tell. If I bought it to match a top or dress, I'll have to put that on, too. Have fun.


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