Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to Get Off the Pot

I was poking around on the "HR self-service" page on Friday.  I was amazed to find this (make sure you check out the last item)

 I am not making this up.  I decided to click and see if it was really that easy.

 Well, maybe it WAS that easy.  I picked a date one year in the future and set gender to female!

I presume I can change my mind during the next twelve months.  I don't know if changes like this trigger a call or visit from HR.  Or security.

So I moved on to item 2 on the list: update names.  I selected "Edit" and...

I never thought about a middle name since I don't have one in male mode.  I was considering "Miss" since Meg was never married, but went with Ms.

After accepting the change I saw:

(I blanked my current name.)  And after I submitted that screen, I saw:

 So I've taken a big step.  This is a major change, and I can use this as an aspiration image ~ when I see my HR page, I'll be reminded of a goal.  A huge goal.  I'm not sure how I'm going to realise this result yet, but I have until next April Fools Day to figure that out.



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