Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Understanding Transgender

Christine found out about a transgender event at a local church and alerted the group.  There was going to be a panel discussing transgender issues, oriented towards the congregation at large ~ but it was open to the general public.  It was on a Sunday afternoon, and I planned to go.

Since it was a Sunday church event, I figured dressing up a bit would be OK.  A bit.  I had a new dress that I paid practically nothing for at Ross.  I thought that would be ideal for the occasion.  I'm not sure when I decided that a dress was, well, dressier than a nice blouse and skirt.  I do have some nice blouses and I generally wear knit tops so they're in the waiting-for-an-occasion part of the closet.  And I have some skirts that I pull out and put away because they're too dressy.  Maybe when I have a bit of time I'll pair up some blouses and skirts so I'll be ready for my next dress up occasion.

I matched the outfit with a sparkly bracelet, black necklace, gold-and-black earrings, and a nice pair of patent pumps.

I was afraid I was going to be late.   It was a bit chilly and the church was NOT where I expected it to be.  Google maps pointed me to the wrong street (same name, different town) and I expected the drive to take less time.  And then there was parking.

I had to park a couple of blocks away.  If there was a parking lot I didn't find it.  There were a lot of cars parked on the street, and some people clearly in church clothes heading toward cars so I guessed the street was the place.  I parked and walked towards the church.  I saw a couple of people walking into a building but it looked like a side door so I walked around that building and towards what looked like the real entrance.  As I got closer, a woman asked if I was looking for the "Understanding Transgender" program.  I said I was and she pointed me towards a building on the far side of a lawn.  When I asked for further instruction, she happily led me closer to where I could see which door I was supposed to go through.  I was told someone else would be there to guide me the rest of the way.

There was.  He showed me where the talk would be held and I went into the large, crowded room.


  1. Well done, I mean going into a rage crowded room. I too feel that a dress is more dressy, more feminine as well. Maybe because there is no male equivalent, whereas trousers and a shirt are a male equivalent to a skirt and blouse, or maybe I just like dresses.

  2. i looove your outfit verrry classy and stylish. thsnks for shareing.

  3. Meg -

    Love that you're getting out ...and among Civilians! Seems like we're two peas from related pods.


  4. You are a confident and beautiful woman, you deserve much happiness in life


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