Monday, March 25, 2013

TransLAW Celebration

TransLAW provides legal support for the transgendered community.  Last Tuesday, they had a reception, celebrating their first year anniversary.  Being on a Tuesday, down in DC, I wasn't planning on going.  And I was far from ready.

The combination of not being out for the past couple of weeks, and busy time at home meant I had not kept up my personal grooming (read: hair removal) as much as I should have.  That meant a longer-than-usual getting ready time, but it wasn't important ~ I wasn't planning on going.

But Tuesday morning, I starting to mentally go through the Meg checklist for getting ready and clothing options and I thought, if I can get out early, I could go.  I'll catch up on my must-do-at-home before I go to New York.

I could do this.  I had to get out early and maybe miss dinner, but I could do this.

I did get out early.

As I rode the elevator up to my apartment my phone rang.  It was my youngest.

He needed help with his programming class.  Could I come by?

He also needed to go a couple of miles down the street to meet someone to sell his old iPhone to and his mother didn't want to take him.  Could I do that too?

I asked when.  He said 6:30, which Just Happened to be when the TransLAW reception started.

The good news: he called before I started putting on makeup.

Since it was for 6:30, we agreed I'd take him to sell the phone and then we'd sit down to do the computer work.  In the next couple of hours, his mom changed her mind and would take him to sell the phone.  So I'd come over at 7.  Then she decided dinner would be after the sale, so I'd come over at 7:30.  Then she decided she was running late and I'd come over at 8.

We spent a couple of hours doing Java and I got home pretty much in time for bed.

Not as unique as TransLAW, but a good way to spend my evening.  But now the itch is there and it needed to be scratched.

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  1. An itch? oh! yeah ! had that one like the results! good luck!


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