Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Friday Mar 8 through Sunday Mar 10

NO heels, skirts, dresses, makeup, earrings

NO camis, tights, lacy undies, nighties, nighttime eye routine

Not even lip gloss.  My toenails are bare for the first time in months.

It was painful to pack white socks and white cotton undies, even if they are women's, but I have to be 100% passable as a male for those three days/two nights.

It was chess weekend and I was in Farmville, sharing a room with my youngest.

It was painful decision, but an easy one.

I did take the day off and go shopping before picking up my son.  I bought some Clinique face wash at Macy's, because I've been using Charity's.  I bought Urban Decay eye primer at Sephora, because Meg uses it every time she goes out.  The woman at the Sephora checkout offered me free samples.  "I have some for you, or for whoever you're buying the primer."  I didn't correct her use of "whoever" but I did say "it's for me."

And this Sunday, I head up to New York with my son for the holiday ~ another NO weekend.


  1. Farmville! My wife says it's 50 miles from anywhere...she went to Longwood (when it was still an all-women's college and not yet a University) and still refers to the local men's school as "Hamster-City".

  2. I'm sure it's worth it spend the time with your son

  3. Paula -

    Of course it's worth it for Meg to spend time with Meg's son....

    Children grow up so fast...



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