Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Before leaving for New York with my son for a little Passover break, I tried to get ahead on my posts.  If I was successful, you'd be reading one of my brilliant (HA!) pieces of prose right now.  The fact that you're wasting your time on this dribble means I was busy wasting my time with life, taxes, work, and taxes.  Each year I swear I'll be organised, and I'll keep track of my expenditures as they come in and taxes will be a breeze.  Every year I disappoint myself.  Ah well.

This is another NO! trip, probably just for me and my son.  My wife went from "maybe we can drive up together" to "I'm only staying one night" to "I'm not going ~ you can take your son" over about a four-hour period.  I've learned no decision is final until the event occurs, so all I can say is, my (youngest) son and I are probably enjoying NYC today.  When I wrote this, my plan was to thumb a ride with my sister.  I really don't need a car in NYC.

Happy Passover, or Happy almost Easter (holy week?  I'm not sure what the greeting is for this), or Happy Just Have A Great Day, No Reason Necessary.


  1. Probably the best greeting for Holy Week is something like "have a blessed Holy Week"--it's a sober time, probably the nearest equivalent we Christians have to Yom Kippur. Have a Good Pesach--enjoy NYC. Hope you get to see a show or something.

  2. May your Passover be meaningful, your trip be safe, and your time with your son be pleasant.


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