Friday, March 29, 2013


(Does anyone play Ruzzle?  I play as megabuttons if anyone wants to challenge.  I have to warn you ~ I think I'm good. :D )

Some clubs and bars have ladies' nights, where women drink free or at a reduced price.  I guess you could make a case that men are being discriminated against because they have to pay full price.

But I went to an event where transgirls had to pay $10 to enter but women could come in for free.  Even a born-male who was now female had to pay.

I mentioned my outrage to the hostess but she just made it worse by trying to defend it as similar to the free drinks for women.

Since there were no attendees who were neither women nor trans, I don't know if men had to pay that $10.

And if I didn't have such a fantastic time at Christine's soirees, I'd probably not go back for a third!

(Hi Christine and Pamela.  Just kidding.  I love you both!  :D )


  1. Meg -

    And I found a club (not one I'd feel completely comfortable in right now) where T-Gals are treated as GG's when it comes to admission.... I may go there one day (of course in Gal mode) and save the admission fee.


  2. There have been attacks on "ladies's nights" and other situations where there is a discrepancy in costs such as woman's haircuts costing more than men's or dry cleaning costs being higher for woman. Some true believers in equality of outcome or the belief in the redistribution of wealth have voiced issue with such seeming inequality.

    I see it as an exercise in liberty. We have the freedom to associate with whom we choose. Primarily, however, I see the $10 fee as a simple function of the market place...the operation of the law of 'supply and demand'. If there is a demand and a benefit for these functions then someone will go to the time and effort to produce the event. In part the price is determined by the demand.

    With specific reference to 'T' functions I can really see why the hostess would want to encourage GGs to attend, whether they be someone's SO or just a GG with a tolerance or acceptance or even an interest in 'T' people. It seems to me that one of the things that many of us hetero 'T' people like the most is to engage with GGs. Whatever Christine can do to bring some GGs to the event should be hailed.

    As a 'T' I am fine paying a cover or admission fee since it is usually wonderful just to be able to get out and mix and mingle. If I were ever able to convince my wife to join me I know that she would bristle and being charged a fee to go to an event that she may not have wanted to attend in the first place.


  3. Depends on what you're getting for the admission, I s'pose. Still, I can't imagine what kind of place charges different prices by gender status. But, I generally follow (Sheryl) Crow's theorem: "if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad."


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