Thursday, March 21, 2013

Keystone, Or Lack Thereof

It's not Eden in my new digs ~ not by a long shot.  There are other reasons, but I'm going to ignore them to focus on money.  Financially, it's tight.  I'm paying two rents and one mortgage and bills for two of those places.  The rents are shared by roommates, but the DC vicinity is never cheap.  Rent for a year on an apartment will buy a house in many parts of the country.

Last week was the Keystone conference.  Keystone is a multi-day trans event.  There are seminars, things to do, things to buy, people to meet.  I know the local trans groups were planning to get together there each day.  There has been a lot of traffic on those groups relating to who's going when.

There are several trans conferences on the east coast, one in Provincetown MA (the Fantasia Fair), the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta.  Keystone is clearly the closest.

Maybe I can convince one (or more) of the local girls to write a review for this blog.  Maybe I can go to one of the other conferences later this year, and write a review for the girls who did Keystone but not SCC.

I'm not sure Meg is ready for a multi-day event.  Maybe I'll try it locally first.

But remember how I started this post: financially, it's tight.  Money is one of the reasons I had to skip Keystone.  I don't know if it's THE reason ~ I don't know if I would have said "I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going" if I had a few dollars in the bank, but money can sure be a showstopper.

It's time to start saving my shekels.  SCC is in early September; Fantasia Fair is in late October.


  1. Meg -

    I understand how money can be very tight, When you have to live on a tight budget, even the thought of buying a cup of coffee becomes a decision you must think carefully about.

    Given a choice between the two events, I'd choose FF for two simple reasons - the weather (it is usually cooler in October, and more comfortable - especially when wearing a wig), and the location (Atlanta may be a great city to visit, but Provincetown is a great place to hang out and relax - and I stress the word relax).

    But the choice will depend on what you're looking to do outside the seminars - in Atlanta, ther are more touristy things to do. In Provincetown, the place will be closing up for the season, and you'd see it without the crowds - and without a bit of the flavor that makes P'town a great place to visit in the Summer.

    The only other issue - how much will it cost you to get to either place, go to the conference, and then pay for the hotels, etc.? If I recall correctly, FF is an all week affair, with the ability to attend for half weeks. I'm not sure about SC - I think it's a weekend event. So one will have some interesting choices.


  2. Meg I hear ya on money. Two houses here as well as two college loans....yikes! I want to go to SCC this year for the first time, maybe we can share the cost?

  3. I have never been to one of these 'T' conventions but I have loosely followed them and their dates of convening for many years and my mind does wander to these events. This is even true of other 'T' events. While I had only been able to attend 2-3 meetings over a period of many years I always knew the date of the nearest Tri-Ess meeting. Likewise, while I have only been to a small handful of Tiffany's monthy 'T' parties at Triangles or Amanda's weekly 'T' parties at PL Lounge, my mind finds a way to connect during the times that these events are in progress. I often find myself in a reverie simply picturing large numbers of 'T' folk out and about and congregating in the open with each other and with accepting civilians.
    I suppose it is a form of wishing I were there. Either that or there is some form of 'T' energy in the universe that tends to bind us far and wide.

  4. Pat -

    You should get away for a half week at Fantasia Fair - it's worth it!


  5. I definitely sympathize with you on the financial crunch.

    I know one of those events would be a great experience. Hope you can make it to one soon.

  6. I've been to half a dozen Southern Comforts, and can recommend it. If you're into seminars, they have them; if not, there's lots of things to do. You'll meet every kind of T person you can imagine and some you can't. It's not cheap, but it's always a good time.


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