Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Two Heads Are Better

I might be snowed in today.  If your comments don't get published, it means VA Power is up to their old tricks.  And happy birthday, Michelangelo.

My wigs sat in plastic bags for a long long time.  I have two "levels" of wigs ~ four "A" wigs, and several "B" wigs.  There is one I prefer but if it caught fire I'd be OK with number two, or three, or four.  Space doesn't allow for me to keep all of my wigs out, but I picked up two wig forms for numbers one and two.

I bought them at a wig store.  They're pretty inexpensive. 

I mean, you can't even go to a movie for $4 a head. :)

The top of my bedroom dresser


  1. Hope you don't get snowed in...or lose power. We have the same issue here.

    Like both wigs!


  2. hmmm this is sort of like my photo on flicker when i was at the beauty supply looking at wigs. i called it "Diana and the talking or not talking heads" LOL

    actually i try to keep 2 of the same wig i use on hand at all times. i panicked when the local beauty supply closed as ot there shops couldn't get the junee manhatten i use but finally after buying something similar that shop was able to place an order and now once again i have my current wig in duplicate. LOL i like this one as it has a light mesh form inside ( the wig cap portion) and although the newer loookalike is longer ( for the pool in the summer to pull it up) it has to heavy of a wig cap like fabric inside to warm for the summer.


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